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Concrete Labour Hire Melbourne

Have you ever wished that you could find an agency that understood the unique requirements of the construction industry? Employers have a duty of care to both their workers and stakeholders to find the right tradespeople for the job, while workers must be able to prove their competence, training and expertise in their chosen trade. It’s a tough balance to strike but fortunately, the team here at Onboard is just who you are looking for.

We can help you with concrete labour hire, demolition, formwork, civil and commercial and across many other skilled jobs. When you choose us, you tap into 20 years of experience and a track record of consistency and reliability that is second to none. We have moved with the times and take advantage of the technology that is available to us today to afford you a superior end-to-end digital management system that is backed by your very own personal account manager.

Our reputation speaks for itself and continually attracts the best casual labour hire in Melbourne. Our database is chock full of excellent workers that have a diverse range of skills from carpentry labour hire to electrical labour hire – we’ve got you covered. All of them have come fully insured and have been vetted. What’s more, our fully managed payroll services eliminate the need for you to do the time-consuming paperwork and processing. It’s an effective, efficient service that is designed to meet your needs.

Debunking Concrete Labour Hire Myths

At Onboard, we are well aware of the fact that plenty of construction companies prefer to hire and retain their own employees rather than use labour-hire services. In many instances, this has more to do with misconceptions that spread through misinformation.

For example, if you consider concrete labour hire in Melbourne, there may be a belief that the workers signed up to labour hire services simply cannot secure full-time work elsewhere and have no other option. The reality is that we have countless workers on our books that possess highly specialised skills and want the opportunity to land the perfect job, rather than simply accept work in another field.

There are plenty of different qualifications, but where opportunities are not available, it makes sense for such workers to open themselves to the possibility of finding short-term work stints that afford them the chance to practice their trade and show their true worth.

Another myth with regards to labour-hire is that you benefit very little from it. In fact, here at Onboard, we strive to create more value for our clients whenever we can. With us, it’s possible to hire, rehire, track team members and approve GPS-logged timesheets with a single click. We are responsible for the administrative and payroll work, complete background checks and assess workers, affording you a quick and easy means of securing the best with little or no delay.

Recruitment can be a long, drawn-out process with no guarantee it will prove worthwhile. Through labour-hire, you immediately can peruse a list of candidates with the qualifications, skills and experience you require and keep your project moving forward.

Thousands of Quality Concrete Labourers Ready to Work

At Onboard, our database continues to grow and expand every year. We have your needs covered no matter what you require. Those that need to find a concrete labourer in Melbourne quickly can trust that we will link you to the ideal candidate who will help you to stay on schedule.

We are Fair Work and Australian Award compliant and can help you scale from 1 to 100 with ease. So, give us a call today to chat about your requirements and to experience just how efficient and effective our service is.