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Construction Labour Hire Melbourne

No construction company can afford to lose time. That said, your crew and the teams that work your projects every day will inevitably book time off or call in sick, which if you are not prepared can lead to delays that put you behind schedule. That’s when most project managers look for construction labour hire solutions in Melbourne, however, taking your chances with any hire company is risky, so why not put your trust in the market specialists instead?

At Onboard, we have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We know exactly what it takes to get both major and minor projects over the line, and the kind of workers that can add value to a site and make hitting deadlines a reality. We also know that while time is of the essence, delivering quality work is even more important. Your reputation depends on the finished build and we go to great lengths to afford you every opportunity to hire the best when you need them.

Construction labour-hire from us is as flexible and on-demand as you would expect in the 21st Century. We provide 24/7 access to a huge pool of qualified workers and we are Fair Work and Australian Awards compliant. What’s more, each worker that you will find through us comes fully insured and has been vetted.

Using Construction Labourers To Streamline Your Business

Construction companies take on projects of different sizes all year round. When you have a core team of workers that are on your payroll and can handle the smaller jobs it helps. However, when faced with a larger project that has the potential to enhance your reputation if it is successfully completed tapping into the resources of the best of all construction labour-hire companies in Melbourne here at Onboard is essential.

Your ability to increase and decrease the number of highly-skilled workers on your team without having to concern yourself with their ability affords you a key strategic advantage that will help your business grow quickly. Similarly, if the work that you have been retained for slows down somewhat, retaining your core team is easier without having to worry about layoffs and possible redundancy payments.

Commercial labour agencies in Melbourne can often charge much higher rates than what you will have to pay when you go through a hiring agency. By opting for a dedicated source of labour, you benefit from their administrative management, a dedicated account manager and a single invoice.

Finally, the time saving that is made by those who use our service is immense. Simply assemble your dream team, from concrete labour hire to demolition labour hire, then get back to doing what you do best. You benefit from the knowledge that you are getting trained, skilled workers that will meet the standards you expect, and can add to your worker needs whenever you need to, without the hassle of recruitment.

We manage the payroll for all construction labour hires

At Onboard, we do our utmost to minimise the amount of work that you have to do to get the staff that you want. We manage the payroll for all labour hire in Melbourne, so forget about having to set up and process new hires to your business and leave all that to us.

When you are looking for options among construction hire agencies, remember that we have over 1,500 vetted construction workers on our books baked up by end-to-end digital management systems that are designed to streamline the entire process for you. The best workers in Melbourne have registered with us, all you have to do is request them.