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Fast Labour Hire

The scenario is familiar to all construction companies. You are in the middle of an important, time-sensitive project and some of your key workers fall ill. Such occurrences can throw a wrench into all of your plans and leave you scrambling to find replacements. However, while filling the gaps in your teams is essential, finding the right workers is just as important. Given that there is no time to launch a recruitment effort, fast labour-hire is the best way to get what you need and keep your project on track.

At Onboard, we are Melbourne’s leading labour-hire agency. We have been helping both those that want temporary work in the construction industry, as well as companies, secure great work, and great workers for over 20 years. This affords us with a comprehensive database of the very best workers readily available throughout the city. Our workers are fully insured and vetted and we are Fair Work and Australian Awards compliant.

We like to keep things simple for our clients. We want you to have the most straightforward experience that achieves everything you require. Our end-to-end digital management system enables you to access the skilled workers you need with a click. We take care of all of the time-consuming work typically associated with hiring workers.


Why Fast Labour Hire is Essential for Profitability

Choosing to use fast labour-hire in Melbourne is the smart way to not only keep projects on schedule but the growth of your company, too. The reputation that precedes you will make a big difference as you seek new projects and contracts in the future.

You must have a track record of great workmanship and skilled labour that finishes construction projects to a high standard. Whenever you need additional skilled workers, or if you suddenly experience absenteeism, reach out to the team here at Onboard and we can help you maintain your sterling reputation.

Time and money are part and parcel of business in all industries. However, in construction, cost efficiencies make a huge difference. Balancing the budget and planning for all eventualities is important, which makes having access to a dependable source for labour-hire a worthy strategy should you have to pursue contingency plans. Our service minimizes the costs associated with recruitment and streamlines the hiring process to afford you the ability to immediately cover your bases.

Projects often demand additional temporary labour hire for specific periods and through our labour-hire service you can find the perfect candidates. The ability to scale from 1 to 100 additional employees makes a huge difference and benefits any company that wants to confidently accept larger projects. It also proves ideal for those who fluctuate from large to small and vice versa, since the messy process of letting superfluous workers go is eliminated.

Dedicated Account Manager For All Fast Labour Hires in Melbourne

At Onboard, we provide our clients with a dedicated account manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Our fully managed payroll services and the fact that all work is billed for on a single invoice, gives you a simplified way to get exactly what you want without having to go through all of the administrative headaches.

When you need fast labour-hire, there truly is only one place to tap into the very best of skilled workers and systems that are designed to help you profit and maintain your reputation. That’s here at Onboard. Isn’t it nice to be fully understood?