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Labouring Jobs Melbourne

If you are a construction labourer and are tired of the recruitment process, then the time has come to make a change that could improve your prospects. Labouring jobs in Melbourne are often available but simply do not suit your skillset.

This can be frustrating, particularly for those with unique or specialised skills, since you most likely accept work that affords you little opportunity to put your craft to good use. Instead of responding to recruitment calls, why not try an agency that works to link the best talent with the best employers?

At Onboard, we have 20 years of experience providing construction companies with the skilled labour hire that they need. They are often just as frustrated as you are that they cannot find the skilled staff they need when they require them and so turn to us to eliminate the search and secure who they need. We make it so much easier for you to showcase your skills and become visible to employers that require the skills that you have.

Our team manages the payroll for all civil labourer jobs in Melbourne, which makes life a lot easier for you since you won’t have to go through the recruitment process and provide all your relevant details on each job that you accept. With countless well-known names in the industry using our service every day, this is your opportunity to secure the work you want, complemented by above-awards wages paid weekly, full supers and benefits.

Our Service is Fair Work and Australian Awards Compliant

At Onboard, we are Fair Work and Australian Awards compliant. We work hard to afford our workers the best possible opportunities and we continue to add new clients who need skilled workers to our database. Our local knowledge complements the streamlined services we provide.

If you are looking for labouring jobs in Melbourne Vic, call us today or log in to the site. This can become your portal to a busy future, filled with the kind of work that you want when you want it.

Find a Laborer Job in Melbourne With Ease

The more laborer jobs in Melbourne you do the better your CV looks and the more refined your skillset becomes. Here at Onboard, we fully understand that a permanent position in one company is not the dream for all workers. There are just as many people out there who prefer the flexibility of moving from one contract to the next.

You determine when you want to work. You could be an invaluable member of a team that needs cover or must complete extra shifts to meet their schedule. Project by project, your skills and ability to adapt to the requirements of each job you work on will earn you a strong reputation in the industry and increase demand.

We also understand that you may be at the start of your career and want to experience as many labourer jobs in Melbourne you can do. In Melbourne, there are many opportunities to do this and it is a fantastic way to determine where your skills and interests lie. From there you can narrow your focus, gain more experience and when you’re not working you can upskill if you wish to and add new value to your CV.

Those that have a trade and are good at what they do will always attract offers from our clients. We can help you connect with them and hopefully help you to create the kind of work-life balance you want.