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Onboard helps construction businesses hire staff easier and faster than ever before.

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With thousands of quality workers across Australia, Onboard have your needs covered.

Handpicked construction workers

Vetted and fully insured workers are at the ready.

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With over 1,500 skilled trade specialists across Australia

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Labour Hire in Melbourne

We provide 24/7 access to a large pool of qualified construction labour hire, all of whom are vetted and fully insured. We appreciate that maintaining tight schedules and achieving your productivity requirements is essential to meeting the needs of your clients. As such, we strive to provide you with a simple, effective and efficient way to tap into a high-quality workforce that is backed up by fantastic systems and a streamlined approach to filling important positions on your teams. As one of the leading labour hire companies in Melbourne, you can trust that we provide you with a dedicated account manager and take the administrative hassle that goes hand-in-hand with hiring new workers out of your list of things to do. Our cloud-based time-sheets are ideal for mobile businesses and all work is billed for on one invoice. We manage the payroll for all labour hires, so all you really have to do is choose the workers you want, then get back to doing what you do best.

How You and Your Employees Benefit from Labour hire agency

Here at Onboard, while there are plenty of ways that your business will benefit from tapping into the resources that labour hire agencies in Melbourne afford you, there are many ways that new skilled workers within your teams can improve its performance.

Contracts can last for a long time in some cases, which can place a burden on your key workforce. As one of the best labour hire agencies serving Melbourne, many clients use the fantastic array of skilled workers on our books to afford their own staff time off. You gain a fresh casual labour hire that has the skills to competently complete the work required and your employee gets downtime that will undoubtedly boost their morale and ensure that their productivity levels don’t taper off as the weeks pass.

Trade workers that are for hire throughout Melbourne can teach your employees new and more efficient ways of doing things. These highly skilled workers benefit from working on different projects and for different crews with differing levels of training, and they bring this knowledge to your site.

A Dedicated and Affordable Labour Hire Services in Melbourne

Your construction company likely has a core team of workers that get the job done effectively when faced with projects ideal to their skills and size. Naturally, as an ambitious businessperson, you want to grow your organisation and prove its capabilities by taking on more challenging projects.

In such instances, it is important that you can scale up appropriately, but it is also worth bearing in mind the competencies of those you hire in. When you require labour hire services in Melbourne, finding the candidates to complement your team and add value to it is the best outcome, and this is what we can help you achieve here at Onboard.

We handpick the best construction workers available and make them accessible to our clients 24/7 through our end-to-end digital management online labour hire system. We have been a cornerstone of the construction industry for the past 20 years since we committed our resources to single out those with exceptional qualifications, experience and skillsets.

We believe in delivering for both our workers and clients. Our service is Fair Work and Australian Awards compliant and it is designed to make the process of securing the very best talent in the market easy.

While we are dedicated to affording you the best possible outcome in terms of the workers you hire, we back this up with payroll services, a dedicated account manager and single click convenience that saves you time and money.

The Importance of Having Labour Hire Services On-Demand

Labour hire services make life a lot easier for countless construction companies every year. However, it is important that the team you align your company with can meet your requirements and respond effectively when you need them to.

At Onboard, we are the reliable, stable choice in the market. Our longevity speaks for itself and indicates just how consistently successful we have been. Our reputation is second to none, and we have moved with the times to incorporate the best of technology so that our processes are even more streamlined and easy for you to use.

One of the key attributes of our business is that we can help you scale up on short notice. Whether you find that your team is one tradesperson short, or if you successfully acquire a major new contract that requires an additional fifty bodies or more, together we can assemble the dream team you need to hit your schedules and achieve a high-quality result.

Construction projects come with a degree of risk in-built. The weather, unforeseen circumstances and supplier delays can all crop up when you least expect them to, which can push back your timeline. As a professional, you are committed to meeting deadlines so, when faced with a shut down that requires a highly efficient response, we can help you scale up to get back on track.

When you have a labour-hire company working for you that you trust, you can feel confident that the workers on their books meet a certain standard, have been fully vetted and are fully insured. We complete all background checks and do the due diligence so that you don’t have to think twice about who you are hiring.

Our Labour Hire Services Are Flexible

Here at Onboard, we make flexibility a reality for your construction company. Whether you are just starting and need temporary labour hire in Melbourne, or if you are a major player that needs to upscale, or find specialised workers, we invite you to get in touch with us.

We offer the ultimate labour hire services in Melbourne, we are committed to furthering your goals and we look forward to working together and achieving great things.

At Onboard, our labour hire recruitment agency benefits Melbourne construction projects daily. We have a list of highly-trained, ready to work candidates that can make a considerable difference to your project. With our help, you not only benefit from their presence, but you don’t have the administration that usually is part and parcel of recruitment and payroll for new workers.

So, if you want to streamline the hiring process, reach out to the labour recruitment team offering Melbourne’s construction industry 20 years of experience and an ability to scale to its needs.

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With over 20 years experience in the construction industry and 2500 vetted construction workers across Australia, Onboard can fill your urgent needs today.

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